Chris Simms’ top 40 QB countdowns ahead of the upcoming NFL season

This year’s draft has come and gone and the 2022 NFL season is approaching quickly, which means it’s finally time Chris Simms’ 2022 Top 40 QB Countdown.

Last year’s list is ranked Patrick Mahomes Record (KC) Josh Allen (BUF), and Aaron Rodgers (GB) as the top 3 quarterbacks – all three made the playoffs, and Rodgers was named league MVP for the fourth time in his career. All three will be back with their respective teams in 2022, but after an offseason that has been among the craziest in NFL history – Tom Brady retiring and then unretiring, Russell Wilson heading to Denver, and all the uncertainty surrounding Baker Mayfield And the Cleveland Browns – There’s no shortage of questions about how this season will shape up.

One of the biggest questions is already answered: What rookie quarterbacks will make the list? Coming it at number 39 Kenny Pickett, The only QB taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft (20th overall by the Steelers). Pickett is expected to fill the shoes left by Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement, but it remains to be seen what his dynamic will look like with fellow Pittsburgh QB Mitchell Trubisky when Week 1 arrives.

“It’s not an easy exercise. There’s a lot of good quarterbacks in the NFL, “Simms said. “There are four categories that I’m big on: Physical talent, that is the number one thing. Throwing and running, taking both of those into account – that’s part of the game right now in the 2022 NFL. The next big thing would be the mental aspect… the third would be leadership, the impact you have on the football team… and the last one to be a pocket presence, because there is something to that… those four things are really me. way I break it down. “

See below for Chris Simms’ 2022 Top 40 QB Countdown ahead of the upcoming season, with rankings continuing through June 13, when Simms will reveal his top four quarterbacks of the season. The latest news from Coverage from the NFL is available all year round on PFT’s Peacock channel.

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Chris Simms’ 2022 Top 40 QB Countdown:

40. Drew Lock (SEA)

39. Kenny Pickett (PIT)

38. Teddy Bridgewater (MIA)

37. Gardner Minshew (PHI)

36. Tyrod Taylor (NYG)

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