Cat Deeley is back to So You Think You Can Dance | Recreation

Cat Deeley is back for a new season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

The talent show lasted for two years during the coronavirus epidemic and although confirmed last month it was due to return, it was unclear whether the recipient would return because he had emigrated to his UK country with man Patrick Kielty and them. two sons.

However, Fox has already confirmed that the 45-year-old star will be back to host the program, but he is the only regular face back for Season 17 as producers have acquired a new panel of judges.

Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss – a former contestant who also served as a 15-time judge in 2018 – will be included on stage by ‘Glee’ actor Matthew Morrison and social media actor JoJo Siwa , and three took Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy. and Laurieann Gibson.

The show will return to screen on May 18 after the end of ‘The Masked Singer’ season.

Nigel confirmed last month that he will not be returning for the program.

He wrote: “I am very happy that a little American dance talent will start working with some of our greatest dance professionals.

“Unfortunately, I was not asked to be a member of the judiciary at this time. I do not know who will say ‘Cue Music’ but I wish them success.”

He later added: “‘Renewing’ is actually what @DANCEonFOX hopes to do.”

Meanwhile, Katse has previously admitted that she and her husband – Milo, six and three-year-old James – have left the UK because they are concerned about gun violence.

He said: “Fear was a part of this.

“There was a time when I was with a friend looking at potential schools for Milo and we had to ask a question that no one wants to ask: ‘What do you do if there is a live gun in the area?’ They tell you exactly what will happen, whether the kids would go to a safe room or hide under a desk, and walk away … The accident suddenly became a reality. “

Cat’s fears were heightened when Patrick and Milo were forced to hide in Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

He recalled: “They closed the center. I got a call from Paddy, saying, ‘They are taking us out on fire roads but no one can get in their car. We did not go to the intersection, can you come with us? ‘

“He wanted to silence Milo, so I did not understand much of what was going on. While driving, I began to see helicopters, news vehicles, firefighters, and SWAT teams. “It makes me go crazy now. It was scary.”

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