Boxing: Canelo celebrates one more party full of luxuries, now it’s the turn of his son who turned four years old

Canelo Alvarez doesn’t stop partying, and now it wasn’t for his daughter Emily Cinnamonbut for his little son Saul Adielwho turned four years old and his father organized a celebration full of luxury and with the theme of “Adiel Super World”.

A party of super heroes and luxuries for Saul Adiel

Canelo Álvarez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Saul Adiel Alvarez is Canelo’s youngest son, and to celebrate his first four years of life, his father spared no expense and rented a lot of superheroes’ toys like the Hulk and also installed many mechanical games and a totally personalized tent for the birthday boy.

Adiel Super World” was the name of the party and this was the name on the invitations for all those who came to share with Canelo and his youngest son. From big TV screens, rain of colored paper and even a garden decorated with the child’s tastes was what could be seen in the luxurious event.

With more than $300 million earned in his 17-year professional careerCanelo did not skimp on what the party cost him, and he has already become popular for organizing majestic celebrations, as he did a few weeks ago with his daughter Emily Cinnamon Álvarez Beltrn.

Who is Sal Adiel?

Sal Adiel is the son of Canelo and Nelda Seplveda and is the same age as little Mara Fernandawhom the fighter had with his current wife, Fernanda Gomez, who accompanied the sportsman to his son’s party. And so, all happy as one big family, they hugged and sang Las Maanitas to the celebrant.


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