Bo Nickal Won’t Shy Away From Wrestling | UFC Fight Pass

The Hodge Trophy winner is far from an MMA casual, and he’s heard and read the knock on wrestling-heavy styles for years. Unfortunately for the haters, it’s going to take a lot more than social media chirping or press conference insults to make him abandon the sport he loves most, so wrestling fans, rejoice.

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“Every single guy I fight should be prepared to wrestle,” Nickal said. “Whether that’s a 15-minute fight or a 25-minute fight. If it’s a 15-minute fight and I’m just dogging them and dragging them around the ring, you know, that might happen. I think what the fans love and appreciate more so than the knockouts is the guy that’s going in there with a real killer instinct, a killer mentality. Some people may have complained about Khabib early in his career, but nobody was complaining about him when he’s fighting Gaethje, Poirier, any of these guys, and he’s pummeling them, strangling them, beating the crap out of them. That’s the type of fight that I think every single guy I fight should prepare for, and what the fans should expect to see. I’m not going to take a guy down and hold him down, but I’m sure as hell going to smash their face if I can.”

Catch the iKon FC veteran at Dana White’s Contender Series Tuesday, August 9!

Relive Bo Nickal’s professional MMA debut here:

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