Bloomfield Hills Roeper soccer thriving with Sofia Salinas at midfield

Bloomfield Hills Roeper coach Tyler Pemberton pulled Sofia Salinas with about 25 minutes left.

The Roughriders no longer needed her services at midfield. Thursday’s girls soccer match at Livonia Clarenceville was already well in hand by that time.

And they did, in fact, eventually exit Shaw Stadium with a 7-0 victory.

So what’s left for a starter like her to do when she’s no longer needed to thread passes or boot in goals? Well, naturally, like most leaders, she was elected to cheer on her teammates who were finishing the game on the field.

Of course, this is Sofia Salinas we’re talking about. She can’t just do something nonchalant.

She has to go all-out when she does literally anything. She’s THAT competitive.

Bloomfield Hills Roeper's Sofia Salinas dribbles against Livonia Clarenceville during a girls soccer game on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at Shaw Stadium.

So there she was, reaching behind Roeper’s bench for a pair of flashy-red cheerleader poms.

She hoisted the poms in the air, well above her head. And then she spread her arms wide. And then she twirled. And then she twirled again. And then she reached downward. And back up again. Motion after motion after motion, all perfectly executed.

By the time she wrapped up, it looked like a well-rehearsed routine you’d see at halftime of a basketball game.

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