Bloomfield Hills girls soccer upsets Hartland 2-1 in regional final

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more physical match around Michigan on Thursday night than the Division 1 girls soccer regional final at Novi Meadows.

There was pushing. And shoving. There was tackling. And tripping.

Yellow cards were handed out to both sides.

And Bloomfield Hills junior Charlotte Carleton even lost a tooth.

Well, sort of. It’s still kind of dangling in her mouth thanks to her braces.

And then there were the collisions near the net.

Esther Rosett ran over Hartland goalie Morgan Seog, who slid in to stop Rosett’s breakaway in the second half.

And then Seog and Rosett scrummed hard, rubbing shoulders while fighting for another loose ball a few minutes later.

But the most physical play came with 22 minutes left.

Rosett pushed the ball towards the right post, barely getting by Seog and then her shot trickled in for a goal.

Bloomfield Hills celebrates scoring a goal during the Division 1 girls soccer regional final against Hartland on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at Novi Meadows.

As the senior turned to celebrate with the Black Hawks, in came Ava Badallo, who grabbed Rosett underneath the armpits, gripped hard and flung her down to the pitch like a tackle from Jack Lambert and the Steel Curtain.

It was a hard, tough form tackle. Bloomfield Hills football coach Dan Loria would’ve been proud of it.

And then a dogpile ensued. First, Brooke Green jumped on Rosett and Badallo. And then Alice Spiegel. And then in came Emma Henry, Avary Hall and Carleton.

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