Bill to give Homewood the right to establish a West Homewood entertainment district will die on the committee

The bill will give Homewood town the right to establish a West Homewood amusement district and will not be passed at this legislative meeting.

Homewood City Council President Alex Wyatt has confirmed that the bill, which was on the Jefferson County House of Representatives Legal Committee, would be withdrawn after a public trial. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Jabo Wagoner, R-Vestavia Hills, and Sen. Rodger Smitherman, D-Birmingham, and unanimously passed the Senate but did not remove it from the House committee.

Committee Chairperson, Rep. Jim Carns, of R-Vestavia Hills, told Wyatt that there would be no election time after the meeting, Wyatt said.

Homewood currently has one entertainment district located in the metropolitan district, and has the potential to create another. The council has previously expressed interest in establishing districts in Edgewood and West Homewood, but it requires the approval of the state legislature to establish a third district.

The entertainment district allows retailers to obtain a liquor license out of place, which will allow consumers to drink alcohol outside the district limits.

The bill can be found here. If it had been approved, the court would have had the right to enforce the rules and regulations for the West Homewood district as well as to establish rules and regulations for the other entertainment district they were already in. they have a right to it, probably Edgewood.

The possibility of having a district in Edgewood brought many complaints from residents of the area, who expressed concern about the number of children spending time in the business district.

While the court could still form a second district, Wyatt said it was unclear what, if anything, the court would choose to do.

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