Any Cause for Concern with Detroit Lions Players Retiring 2022 NFL Season

1.) Three players have retired from the Lions the past couple of seasons. What do you make of John Penisini calling it quits?

Vito Chirco: I think it just speaks volumes that the National Football League is the “Not For Long” league.

In the case of Penisini, here’s a guy that suited up for 32 games out of a possible 33 in two seasons in the league. And, even though he was a rotational defensive lineman on the Lions in 2022, he realized it wasn’t worth it to continue to subject himself to constant physical pain by an NFL player.

It has been reported that Penisini had calcium deposits in its shoulders, as big as a softball of size, going into the 2021 season. So, I give him credit for calling it quits before he did physical harm to his body.

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