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I had this thought the other day about how bad the angels have been at developing/acquiring talent. I can’t think of a single player that fits the description of someone having good value other than Trout and Ohtani. They either are attached to a horrible contract (upton, pujols, hamilton, rendon). Or they are not good enough to bring anything in return. They’ve never developed anyone it seems. I can name 3-5 players on almost every team since Trout entered in 2011 that have had more value than any player on the Angels other than Trout and Ohtani.
Orioles – weddings, Britton, Mullins, hoping Adley
Yankees – judge,
Red Sox – Betts, Xander, Devers
Rays – glasnow, wander, snell
Jays – Bautista, vladito, bo
Cle- lindor, Ramirez, Bieber
Chi Sox – Kopech, Robert, abreu
KC – hosmer, mous, looking like Witt
Twins – Buxton, Berrios
Tigers – (were competing during the 2011 era)
Rangers – ^
Angels -^^
Mariners – Rodriguez, Diaz, Seager
Astros- Correa, Breg, spring, altuve
A’s – Olson, Chapman, Donaldson
Nats – soto, Harper, Turner, stras
Mets – Alonso,
Phillies – Nola ^^^
Braves – Acuna, Riley, Albies
Marlins – alcantara, Stanton, Realmuto
Pirates – little too soon to count Cruz and Hayes
Brewers – burnes
Cubs – Bryant, Rizzo, Arrieta
Reds – Castillo
Cards – ^^^^ but always have talented valuable players
Dodgers – belly, Urias, walker
D backs – goldy, marte, gallen
Giants – ^^^^^
Rockies – story, Nolan, chuck
Padres – tatis

The teams I couldn’t think of any players developed since 2011 were winning during that time. I’m sure this is easy to knit pick and talk about players I missed/shouldn’t count, but at the end of the day almost every team except the angels has created. I could do another list of good signings. The angels would have a short list of that too. Very frustrating. Maybe CJ Wilson counts as a valuable player they had. That was the first thing that came to mind.

I would love a real deep dive on the contracts they’ve given out, players they’ve received from trades, players free agent contracts coming off of leaving the angels (ie Corey seager got a mega deal leaving the Dodgers, you don’t see any angels players hitting free agency getting a monster deal)

Yes, I have no life.


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