An NFL owner admits he still regrets passing Russell Wilson during the 2012 NFL Draft

It’s been 10 years since Russell Wilson was drastically reduced to the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft, and even though a decade has passed, an NFL owner still has great regrets over the fact that his team After the look on Wilson passed. He made it to draft week.

It’s owner Jeffrey Lurie of Philadelphia, and he recently admitted that missing out on Wilson is something he “will always regret.”

“[Wilson] There is one player we haven’t gotten, and I will always regret it, “Lori said at the NFL’s annual league meeting last week, via Don’t wait. But we really didn’t think anyone would. Anyway we would jump and take Russell, so there it was.

When teams start talking about star players that they missed in the past drafts, there may be occasional correction history, but that is definitely not the case here. In the lead-up to the 2012 NFL Draft, the Eagles were watching Wilson, and because they have two second-round picks this year (46th and 59th), they thought they would get it. However, once the draft was rounded out, the Eagles felt they needed to strengthen their defense, so they selected Mitchell Kendricks and Wayne Kerry with their two picks.

One reason the Eagles did this is because they thought Wilson would still be there when they went to the clock in the third round with the 88th overall pick. Unfortunately for Foley, Wilson wasn’t available because the Seahawks knocked him down and took him with the 75th overall pick.

Andy Reid was 10 years old going into his last season as coach of the Eagles, and if he would land Wilson, there’s a good chance that 2012 might not have been his last season with the team. Prior to an Eagles-Seahawks game in 2016, Seattle coach Pete Carroll revealed that Reid actually called the Seahawks general manager John Schneider almost immediately after appointing Seattle Wilson.

“I know Andy called us after the pick, and John gave him some trouble,” Carroll said, via “They are old friends. But we were really regretting it. We wanted it the whole way, and John clearly understood it for us.”

Ten years later, the Eagles are still looking for a quarterback. They think they have one in Carson Wentz, but he’s gone now after the trade deadline. Wentz was replaced by Jalen Harts, who now looks to be the future QB in Philadelphia, but with Harts, there’s no guarantee he’ll grow into a franchise quarterback, and Lorey knows that.

“It’s very difficult to project what you call a franchise or what we can call a franchise quarterback,” Lori said. “It happens. It just happens. After a year or two, is Josh Allen a franchise quarterback? Did he even think that a franchise quarterback was drafted when Buffalo drafted him? I think the answer is. Clearly no, no and no – he has evolved – a. Very fortunate to get it.

One of the top downs to losing to Wilson is that the Eagles eventually won a Super Bowl with the people they chose. With the 88th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Eagles took on Nick Foles, who came off the bench in 2017, leading the Philadelphia to the most improbable Super Bowl run in NFL history. Thanks to Foles, Lowry has had many Super Bowl rings in the last 10 years, as does Wilson.

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