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The remaining 59 contestants have left everything to American Idol on stage during the “Showstopper Round.” At risk was a slump in the coveted Top 24. This was the first time that these hopeful people came to sing in front of a live audience.

Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were eye-to-eye and in the process of deciding who was really capable of doing it all the way. The three of them had a lot of work to do. That’s why they decided to get out of the playbook by singing right away twice.

Finally, 22 nominees sang for the American election at Disney’s Aulani Resort, Hawaii Who survived the “Last Judgment?” Find out below

Leah Marlene

Leah didn’t feel like it was her best performance in “She’s A Self Made Man” by Larkin Poe but she showed enough. Music is running in his bones thanks to my father Derry, who was in the 1980s Honeymoon Suite rock band. Katy called her the guitar queen but hoped she would have a more talkative queen. However, he was the first to be revealed in the Top 24.

Jay Copeland

The singer from Salisbury, Maryland released the songs to Christina Perri “Jar of Hearts. ” Katy said she’s almost a perfect singer, but that doesn’t always win the mood. He looked like a star and is part of the two sent. They want to see something happen to him in the future.


An 18-year-old student demolished the house with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. Other details led to a deadly blow to Luke. Even before she sat down, Katy told her the good news that she was moving on.

Ryleigh Madison & Emmirson Flora

The 16-year-olds were brought to the Malibu Outpost area to face the judges. Emyrson wanted to show the flexibility in “Honey” by Kehlani. Ryleigh went with “Blue” by Leann Rimes. Katy felt it was too fast for the arrangement. Lionel has revealed to Emyrson that he will stay in the game.

Katyrah’s Love

The native of Baltimore was boosted by self-confidence when she reached the stage after Katy shouted her name. Katyrah was concerned about hitting high scores with Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing”. Luke praised Katyrah’s personality, but she did not sing perfectly. Katy then tells her to calm down. But she sings like Whitney Houston. Ms. Whitney is a PUDI. Not a bad person can be compared to this round.

Fritz Hager

She risked her life by performing the first song called “Eternal Love” in honor of her sister. Katy stood up appreciatively. The emotional fritz felt proud to sing that song. Katy said they know she wants this, and will take the car to the Top 24.

Jacob Moran and Alegra Miles

The singing nurse went with “Is It OK?” by Lady Gaga. Lukas said there is a time to leave and return to work. In this case, it happened to Jacob. To meet him is Alegra Miles.

Cameron Whitcomb, Ava Maybee & Major Yoli

The last Canadian wing caught Ava’s eyes, and now it’s besties. Ava sang “Falling” by Harry Styles. Cameron went with Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe”. Katy revealed that the pipeliner was in the Top 24.

Yoli was joined in the decision-making room with Ava. They thought of his performance of “Man” in rum. gold. For the first time, they decided to sing right away. Ava survived. Douglas Mills Jr., Sam Moss, and Betty Maxwell received the same bad news as Yoli.

Sir Blayke, Ellie Rowe and Mike Parker

He said doing “Loyalty” with the Pink Sweat $ around was an exciting experience for him. Katy said she does not see the prospect of being there 100 percent, but they are still putting her in the Top 24 to get it the next time she enters the stage. Joining him in the coveted team are Elli Rowe of Nashville and Mike Parker of Virginia.

Gressett sorry

The 17-year-old actress entertained the crowd with “Come Together” by The Beatles Katy and the immediate response was probably. Lionel said he turns to the singer he wants to be instead of a gimmick. That’s why she’s in the Top 24. Katy said, “Welcome to the amazing program.”

Christian Guardino, Dontrell Briggs and Noah Thompson

The Christian thought he was taking a risk Burning sex ”by Leon’s Kings. The same can be said of her choice of song “Hello,” sung in front of the man himself. The opportunity presented itself to a Christian, but Dontrell did well. Noah walked out of his comfort zone with “Stay” with Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko. Lukas was happy to tell him that he had already passed another stage.

Cadence Baker

The 18-year-old performed Brandi Carlile’s “Story” in front of an audience, including her mother. Katy said she was scared all over her face. With that in mind, Luke told Cadence that it would be a long time before he could play with his father again when he took another place.

Kelsie Dolan

Kelsie Dolin went on to emerge from her “Before You Go” shell by Lewis Capaldi. The judges appreciated her growing confidence. Lionel says he has won in that category but will not succeed.


The 23-year-old boy went with Ashley McBryde on “Girl Goin ‘Nowhere, which gave Katy those cold waves. The judges raised their hand. Luke thought he had all the magic.” his cards well, he can win. “

Sage & Danielle Finn

Danielle felt she had done the way she wanted to play in Yebba’s “Evergreen”. Katy couldn’t hear. Unlike Sage, who starred in “I Hate This” by Tenille Arts. Katy said she was fighting for Danielle, but she could no longer do so. Both are shipped.

Jordan Chase & Kenedi Anderson

The 21-year-old took the “Cold” by Chris Stapleton. Linoel felt he was missing out on persecution in the series and did not make the Top 24. His “Duets” partner Kenedi was hoping for a different outcome for his “Talk to the Month” performance. by Bruno Mars. Lionel found that it was not the best for him. However, the owner of the platinum tickets goes to the Top 24.


An 18-year-old boy fought back at Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” Katy saw the tiger’s eye. He was added to the twentieth list. Redemption.

Lady K

The 25-year-old shone with Etta James’ clear and authentic play “I’m Just Blind.” Lionel said they have to cut themselves a lot, but he is not one of them here. This is the rest he can use from the trials and tribulations of life in Alabama.

Dakota Hayden and Dan Marshall

The last stop was between two national criminals. Dan brought the party to “Hard Workin ‘Man” by Brooks & Dunn. Dakota went a little further on “Pretty Heart” by Parker McCollum. Luke announced the song. As the dust cleared, the judge based his conclusions on the young man and Dan.

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