All Parish teams during the winter games (soccer, soccer, netball)

All-Parish teams sponsored by Landers Dodge. The 2021 soccer team ran in the 29th edition of Dec. The soccer team ran away on March 23rd. The netball team ran on March 30th.


Offensive MVP

Ron Richmond, Parkway, Sr., RB / R

District 1-5A MVP rushed 1,311 yards and 14 touchdowns and caught 71 passing 1,004 yards and 12 touchdowns in the team that reached the quarterfinals of Class 5A.


Zach Halbert, Benton, Jr., LB

The first team of the selected 1-5A District had 73 tackles, including 13 losses, 4.5 sacks and one interception back to TD, two fumble replacements and two closed kicks to the team that went on 8- 4.



QB – Gray Walters, Benton, Jr.

RB – Jaylan White, Parkway, Jr.

RB – Ron Richmond, Parkway, Sr.

RB – Greg Manning, Benton, then.

WR – Pearce Russell, Benton, Jr.

WR – Ed Moses, Parkway, Sr.

WR – Jalen Thornton, Bossier

TE – Jatavious Calhoun, Parkway, Jr.

OL – Peyton Polk, Haughton, Jr.

OL – Braysen Brown, Benton, Sr.

OL – Devon Hall, Parkway, Sr.

OL – Chandler Davis, Parkway, Jr.

OL – Charlie Nance, Benton, Sr.

OL – Jerode Meed, Bossier, Sr.

ATH – Colin Rains, Haughton, Jr.


DL – Rayy Mayweather, Parkway, Jr.

DL – Davis Dealers, Benton, Sr.

DL – Sedric Applewhite, Bossier, Sr.

DL – Willie Sanders, Airline, Sr.

DL – Kris Meslow, Parkway, Jun.

LB-Zach Halbert, Benton, Jr.

LB – Chandler Lytle, Haughton, Sr.

LB – Barrett Newman, Parkway, Jr.

LB-Jaden Miller, Airline, Sr.

LB – Connor Blank, Haughton, Jr.

LB – Christian Johnson, Bossier, Jr.

DB -Cameron Carradine, Bossier, Sr.

DB – Ja’robert Kelly, Airline, Sr.

DB – Christian Obregon, Haughton, Sr.

DB -Sawyer Simmons, Benton, Jr.

PK -RJ Moore, Benton, Sr.

PK -Aeron Burrell, Parkway, So.



QB – Colin Rains, Haughton, Jr.

QB — Carlos Butler, Bossier, Sr.

QB – Cannon Link, Parkway, Sr.

RB – TrevonJackson, Airline, So.

RB-Tyler Rhodes, Haughton, Jr.

RB – Ethan Johnson, Benton, So.

RB – Jaylyn Williams, Bossier

RB – Ar’Drevious Washington-Carper, Sr.

TE – Cade Stewart, Benton, Sr.

WR -Cameron Jefferson, Airline, Jr.

WR – Joshua Sewell, Haughton, Jr.

WR -RJ Moore, Benton, Sr.

WR – Marquis Harris, Bossier, Sr.

OL -Landry Donaho, Haughton, So.

OL – Jake Morton, Parkway, Jr.

OL -Caleb Tree, Benton, Jr.

OL – Cameron McCormack, Benton, Jr.

OL -Reid Hawsey, Flight, Junior.

ATH – Landon Duggan, Benton, Jr.

PK – Cristobal Cruz, Bossier, Sr.


DL – BJ Patterson, Parkway, So.

DL – Aaron Echols, Benton, Sr.

DL – Corey Howard, Haughton, Sr.

DL – Jake Pieri, Haughton, Sr.

DL – DJ Gladney, Haughton, Sr.

DL – Carter Tate, Airline, Jun.

LB – Cameron Fink, Parkway, Sr.

LB – Aiden Colvin, Benton, Sr.

LB-Braeden Sterling, Plain Dealing, Sr.

DB – Ashton Jackson, Parkway, So.

DB – Greg Chitman Jr., Parkway, So.

DB – DJ Riser, Haughton, Jr.

DB-Kameron Manning, Bossier, then.

DB – Kendric Blanks, Plain Dealing, Sr.

DB-Keegan Lehr, Airline, Jr.




Logan Smith, Benton, Sr., Forward

Smith scored 32 points and had 16 assistants in the District 1-II Tigers champion. He was the district MVP and the only player from the parish to be selected to play for the state coaching staff at the All-Star game


Forward – Felix Deras, Bossier, Jr .; Maximus Holt, Parkway, Sr .; Ethan Bihler, Benton, So .; Carter Ebarb, Haughton, So .; Jorge Tinoco, Aircraft, Sr .; Aeron Burrell, Parkway, So .; RJ Moore, Benton, Sr.

Middle actors – Hilder Quintanilla, Bossier, Sr .; Chase Clutter, Benton, So .; David Rojas, Bossier, then .; Joany Reyes, Bossier, Jr.

Defenders – Tyson Burns, Airline, Sr.,; Jorge Alfaro, Bossier, Sr .; Daniel Lee, Parkway, So .; Dayne Reed, Benton, Sr .; Reed Petro, Benton, Jr.; Juan Carlos Contreras, Bossier; Fabian Elias, Parkway, Sr .; Kelvis Cristales, Bossier, Sr .; Kimanee Gipson, Parkway, Sr.

Goalkeeper – Peyton May, Parkway, Jr.

Note: Hilder Quintanilla unknowingly left the player list on March 23 for publication.


Rony Carcamo, Bossier, Jr., middle; Jaime Garcia, Benton, Sr., defender; Jose Montes, Haughton, Jr., forward; Thang Mung, Airline, So., Forward; Christian Obregon, Haughton, Sr., Buzz Bording, Benton, Sr., forward; Kenneth Dickson, airline, Sr., defender; Marco Rodriguez, Bossier, Sr., goalkeeper; Cristobal Cruz, Bossier, Jr., defender; Joseph Corsino, Benton, Sr., goalkeeper; Nolan Dean, Parkway, Sr., defender


MVP – Jamie Willis, Benton, Jr., Forward

Willis, one of the leading players in the area, scored 31 points for the Lady Tigers, finishing second in District 1-II and reaching the quarterfinals of the qualifiers. He has been named the district’s Offensive MVP for the second year in a row.


Forward – Maya Jackson, Parkway, Sr .; Lowrey Lain, Haughton, Jr.; Peyton (Lexy) Bouillon, Benton, Jr.

Abdominal players – Abigail Jacobs, Benton, then .; Isabel Bright, Parkway, So .; Aly Campbell, Airline, Jr.; Emerson Foster, Benton, Sr .; Lauren Tippet, Haughton, Sr.

Protectors – Bianca Pantaze, Airline, Jr .; Maliyah Antwine, Benton, Sr .; Adele Bihler, Airline, Sr .; Ambur Dement, Haughton, Jr.; Gracie Willis, Benton, Sr .; Rachael Burns, Airline, So .; Marie Smith, Parkway, Jr.

Unozinti – Aubri Dupre, Parkway, Sr.


Katie Jump, Airline, Jr., midfielder; Lana Whiteman, Benton, Fr., forward; Amaya Beckwith, Parkway, Sr., defender; Miranda Crabtree, Benton, Sr., defender; Kennedy Nipper, Benton, Sr., goalkeeper; Madecyn Johnson, Haughton, Jr., defender; Evey Bamburg, Bossier, forward; Maria Sustaita, Bossier, defender


Bossier Bearkats

The Bearkats made history in the school, reaching the semi-finals of the Third Division boys for the first time. Bossier won District 1-III with a victory over long-time enemies Loyola. The Bearkats finished 19-3-1 and were 3-0-1 against rivals.




Joseph Manning, Bossier, Sr., The Guardian

Manning scored 17.7 points, 6.9 rebounds, 4.8 assists and 3.1 points for the team that went 27-8 and reached the semifinals of the Class 3A playoffs.


Marquis Harris, Bossier, Sr. – Average 16.1 points and 10.7 rebounds

AJ Coleman, Airline, Sr. – Average 16 points and six rebounds

Greg Manning, Benton, then. – Average 15.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2.1 points

Laythan Delaney, Haughton, Jr.

Javon Johnson, Bossier, then. -Average 11 points, 3.4 rebounds, 2.6 assist and 2.3 theft


Colby O’Glee, Airline, Jr.

Jalen Taylor, Benton, Sr.

Bowman Lovell, Providence Classical Academy, then.

Tahj Roots, Bossier, Younger.

KJ Allen, Haughton, Sr.

Carnez Hillmon, Use Plain, Younger.



Mikaylah Williams, Parkway, Jr., Guard

Williams averaged 22.8 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 2.2 steals for the undefeated team in District 1-5A, reached the Class 5A state championship game and finished 33-3.


Kayla Hampton, Airline, Sr. – Average 17.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.5 shares and 2.1 assists

Chloe Larry, Parkway, So. – Average 13.9 points, 4.9 rebounds, 2.9 assists and v2.7 shared

Dr. Howard, Haughton, Fr. – Average 18.1 points, 12.9 returns

Sanaa Brown, Bossier, Sr. – Average 19.8 points, 3 assists and 3.9 steals

Marissa Schoth, Benton, Jr.


Kori Rice, Airline, Sr.

Jada Stewart, Benton, Sr. The

Ty’lissa Henderson, Parkway, Jr.

Ella Kate Malley, Benton, Sr.

Abbie Hooper, Haughton, then.

Endia Pradier, Flight, Younger.

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