AJ Brown trade fallout; draft winners and losers; rookie WR projections

The Titans could have kept Brown if they wanted to. They just haven’t kept the rookie contract on the 24-year-old or the ridiculously below-market offer of $ 16 million per season that Brown said the team offered him before trading him to the Eagles. For comparison, Titans receiver Robert Woods signed a contract with the Rams for a similar average yearly salary two years ago, at the age of 28, before the Rams essentially dumped the Titans this offseason.

Yes, the Titans are tight to the salary cap. Yes, they would have to pay a lot of guaranteed money and reach the upper tier of cash for the 2022 season. But they could have found a way to make it work if they were brown enough and willing to shell out enough cash up front. As it stands now, it looks like they were either too cheap or didn’t plan well enough (or both).

I can’t blame them for being apparently flat-footed. This is all new. Big veteran contracts for players on their rookie deals don’t usually get done until the summer. But Brown’s agent – who also represents Deebo Samuel, trying to arrange his own way out of San Francisco – appears to have experienced a huge turning point for leverage. Players and agents are playing by different rules now.

Brown was able to scare up a big enough trade market and offer a big enough contract elsewhere – his $ 100 million deal with the Eagles was announced within minutes of the trade – by letting the league know he was available last month. the Titans liked it or not. The Titans swallowed and accepted a first-round pick from the Eagles, which they used to draft Treylon Burks, in exchange for avoiding a messy future with Brown.

Not every power will play as seamlessly. Samuel is with the 49ers. Kyler Murray is staying in Arizona, where the Cardinals brought one of his closest friends, Marquise Brown, seemingly as offering a peace. Perhaps Marquise’s journey is as instructive as AJ Brown’s this offseason. Marquise Brown, who doesn’t have much leverage or talent of the NFL’s top receivers, quietly requested a trade from the Ravens months ago. General manager Eric DeCosta said he was “anguished” about the situation but eventually found great value for a deal in Baltimore, just like when the Ravens traded tackle Orlando Brown to the Chiefs a year ago.

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