ADEMEBA and the national team coach want the basketball player to play in the World Cup

The professional career of Gustavo Ayón reached its end. With the elimination of los Captains of Arecibo in the Playoffs of the Liga de Puerto Rico, heTitan‘ participated in his last match, unless the heads of basketball in Mexico can achieve what seems to be something unaffordable, convince him to withdraw perhaps in 2023 FIBA ​​World Championship.

With 37 years of age, the Nayarita has said since a few months ago that he will not play anymore. Last August 1st Captains were eliminated and with it, There you are he was unable to repeat the title he won in 2021.

The next Sunday, August 21, is marked as the day of goodbye Gustavo when the Mexican national team se mida a combinado de amigos de There you are. However, both Modesto Robledo, president of the Asociación Mexicana Deportiva de Basketball (ADEMEBA) as Omar Quintero, coach of the men’s national team, will do everything possible for the player to retire in the possible action of Mexico in the World.

Gustavo can be two years quietly at a top level dominating in America. Personally, I think so Gustavo I could be in the Philippines-Japan-Indonesia, I told him. We will be very respectful of the decision to retire and we will be ready to join any party,” said Robledo to RECORD.

“Both Omar and I have said that in the Mexican national team the doors are open and that it could be a nice retirement to be in it World“, he added.

México is still not classified for it World Cup, although the possibilities for this to happen are many. For the pronto, those commanded by Quintero meet in the second round and if it is not for the maximum showcase, Omar makes a call for him to join the quintet in the qualifiers.

El Titan previous free kick

“We had him last year in the Pre-Olympics and he did super well and hopefully he can come back. If he wants to dedicate himself to other things, but well, we leave it in the air and hopefully he could finish this phase of windows with us and he could help us get the pass to the world championship”, he expressed.

The coach of the Mexican national team knows how to fill the space that he already has Gustavo will be somewhat complicated since heTitan‘ is, without a doubt, the referent of the national basketball in the last 10 years, but there is talent in Mexico capable of doing llevadera su baja.

“We have several players, if I say one like that it would be wrong because what makes this selection work like that is the core. That’s why the number of obviously always stands out Paco Cruz, Paul Stoll, Gabriel Giron, Orlando Mendez. Juan Toscano he is a person who has just become champion, who is going to be with them Lakers, who wants to be with the team. Someone who did it very well Daniel Amigohe had to fill a rather large space and I did it very well”, he concluded.



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