About Us

Welcome to bielsko1.com, a news website created to publish sports news online

One morning we woke up, got absolutely bored, so we created Niue News 1. It originally started as a Niue news site to publish Avatele News (our village back in Niue) but we later changed to include news from all communities from the world

Niue News is for all and for anyone who wants to be informed about what is going on within sports trends. Even. We welcome you to our news website!

Niue is probably the closest of any country in the world to be prestine, unspoilt, 110% pure and 110% friendly. We really encourage you to learn more about our unique country and our people or better still – just hop on the next available flight and head there for some fun.

News reports and opinions are not restricted only to news from Niuean communities. We will publish anything that we think are important, entertaining,  interesting or relevant to our readers.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email: admin@bielsko1.com