80HP Stark Varg Motocross bike looks to revolutionise t…

ELECTRIC motorcycle start-up Stark has announced its first machine, the Varg electric motocross bike that boasts some seriously impressive stats!

Take a listen to the Stark Varg Motocross bike

It’s no secret that electric motorcycles feel more naturally at home in the off-road world than anywhere else. For many, the advantages of near-silent running, minimal distances to travel, and the torque laden delivery make an electric bike for muddy riding a seriously tempting option.

Stark is looking to capitalize on that, with the Varg, an all-electric, true motocross bike that boasts more power than a petrol-powered competitor, and vastly more torque.

With 80hp on tap, the Varg boasts around 25hp more than its petrol-powered competitors, but as we all know, the talking point with electric bikes is always the torque output. And on that front, the Varg doesn’t disappoint with an earth-shattering 938Nm (691lb-ft) of torque.

That should make the bike a complete animal to ride, and in full power mode, it surely will, although Stark has gifted the Varg with more than 100 riding modes, giving the user the delivery of a small capacity motocross bike should they want it.


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