7 exciting NHL talented Canadian opportunities

What have you done for me recently? This is often a fair question. Except when it is not!

The Montreal Canadians reached the 2021 Stanley Cup final against Tampa Bay while 30 other teams sat in the back of the league and watched. Those teams, top managers, coaches, scouts, owners, and of course fan bases did everything they could to replace the Canadians, even if they fell short.

What happened next put them in an almost impossible position. The organization started this season with the need to close a large number of holes. They lost Sheber Weber and Carrie Price. Joel Edmundson missed almost the entire season. Not to mention the players who went elsewhere in the free agency. The list goes on. Many changes were made here.

The team even re-opened its office and replaced its coach. They are now charting a new path with new people.

But what has the new headquarters leadership inherited? What is left in the vision pipeline?

Mark Bergwin always valued input drafts and had no history of draft capital exchanges. But he and Trevor Timmins, the former director of amateur scouts, lost their jobs in November. Martin Laponte continues to lead the amateur team (alongside Nick Baburov).

Bergevin, Timmins, and Lapointe stored closets full of potential customers in various situations, perhaps leaving Canadians with stronger bases than people think. And do not forget, this team will host the 2022 draft this summer and will go to the field with 14 choices in total, including the first two, two seconds and three thirds.

Montreal’s future has the potential to arrive sooner than expected.

Here are some future building blocks that Habs fans can look forward to in the near future:

Jayden Struble: Round two, forty-sixth overall, 2019

Critical cases: 6 feet, 205 lbs, left shot defender

To its adult season in the Northeast in 2022-23. NHL teams are eager for this kind of vision. He plays a tough style and can punish physically. A tough opponent who does not retreat from opponents. It is difficult to play against him. Jayden skates well and is capable of pucking. I do not expect him to see the ice on the game as a professional, but he expects to be a two-sided defender who will be used on penalties.

Matthias Norlander: Third Round, Sixty-Fourth Total, 2019

Critical cases: 6 feet, 185 pounds, left-back defender

Another defender that the Canadians hired in 2019. He opposes Strabble. Norlender is a two-way skate / clean moving defender who does not stand in the way of a physical element. He has a good jump to space and a reliable sense of hockey. He never wastes time deciding with Jack – he sees his options and moves them quickly. Projects No. 5 or 6 are trusted in the NHL that can be deployed in the second power distribution unit. Currently playing for Ferlunda in SHL.

Jakub Dobes: Fifth round, 136 in total, 202

Critical cases: 6 feet 5, 197 pounds, goalkeeper

A giant on tour with his big frame. A butterfly goalkeeper who takes up a lot of space even when he hits the ground. His last three seasons have led to reserves of 0.946, .915, 0.933 and GAA 1.59, 2.38, and 2.22. Moves enough from side to side, but there is room to add more speed. The courier plays very well, the sockets are long range. A winner. It takes time with the goalkeepers, but he has a chance to be the NHL all-rounder. He will be a sophomore in Ohio next season.

Sean Farrell: Fourth Round, 124 in total, 2020

Critical: 5 feet 9, 175 lbs, left forward shot

An elite goal scorer coming out of the USHL (Chicago Steel). Farrell spent the first season of the first year at Harvard from 2021-2022 and played with his identity as an offensive threat. He combined his experience of representing the United States at the Olympics (six points in four games), and it is fair to say that he had an adventurous development season. Simple and straightforward, this kid insults. He is not big, but he is cunning and smart. Farrell has a high visibility in the offensive zone and is an asset to your power play unit. He adds a good option to the composition in the Canadiens landscape pool.

Riley Kidney: Round Two, 63rd overall, 2021

Critical: 5 feet -11, 175 lbs, left forward shot

Acadie-Bathurst is challenging Joshua Roy to pick a Montreal draft for the QMJHL scoring title. Kidney is a fun player that can be watched with great skill – he plays games that come out of the edge and go into the middle of the ice. He has great vision and is more inclined to passer than shooter. It is interesting to note that he scores as much at home as on the road, which tells me that races do not bother him or affect his production. He is responsible enough to be used in the defensive zone as well. In the solid facing circle, the kidney has six high scores at the NHL level.

Joshua Roy: Fifth Round, 150 in total, 2021

Critical: 5 feet -11, 186 lbs, left forward shot

His game continues to rise. The production numbers with 97 points in 53 QMJHL games tell the story. His shooting percentage has been constant and he has added more distribution to his arsenal. The speed of the rash has been improved to such an extent that it has an extra gear if needed. Undoubtedly, his element is insulting. Montreal did well in the fifth round by adding this perspective. He has the chance to be a constructive player for the organization.

Kaiden Guhle, first round, 16th overall, 2020

Critical: 6 feet 3, 210 lbs, left shot defender

The best for this player’s potential has the potential to be a top NHL defender. He is a perfect player. There are no holes in his game. He skates well and performs with Pook. He can be trusted in all stages of the game. Goal in the worst case, will carry a secondary offense. He is also a physical defender who powerfully reduces the gap in his line. An elite vision and a fundamental actor. Goal puts leadership at the top of his skill set. Currently with Edmonton at WHL.

Dear Note:

Thai Smilanik, FWD
Brett Stapley, FWD
Emile Heinman, FWD
Jan Mysak, FWD

And don’t sleep on Arber Jakaj, a two-sided, big, bruised defender who plays for OHL Hamilton.

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