“30 seconds! An NBA player might kill a dude in 5 minutes!”: NBA Twitter reacts to Charles Barkley offering a simple solution to end all fan misbehavior

Twitter reacts as NBA legend Charles Barkley comes up with a simple solution to all the courtside fan hazing and misbehavior

The NBA, just like any other sport, always counts on fans to get the players hyped up for games. More often than not, fans do just the same, providing some much-needed energy to the home team. However, there have been times when fans have been more menacing than supportive, if not for the home team, then the road team.

We saw a case of the same tonight when Chris Paul’s mother got harassed by a fan. Going after the players are not right, but going after their families? That’s totally out of line.

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Charles Barkley came up with a solution for the same on Inside the NBA tonight. He suggested that players should get 5 minutes with the bickering fan on center court, with the guarantee of no charges being pressed.

NBA Twitter reacts to the solution provided by Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has been known to get in fights back in his day. Back then, players weren’t afraid to take on the fans for saying stuff that shouldn’t be said. However, the league has made more and more rules to protect the said fans. Chuck does not agree with those and suggested his 5 minutes idea.

NBA Twitter had mixed reactions to the same.

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While it’s fun to imagine the same, the league would do no such thing. However, they need to take a firm look at their policy over the summer and surely make some changes. Fans have become too rowdy, and the league needs to shift the power back to the players.

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