3 WWE accounts we will miss if Twitter goes down

WWE is a global company that is active on all social media platforms. Over the last few hours, we feel that its social media admins must have tried their best to use Twitter properly, only to be denied.

The website is down for some weird reason, which suggests that it is openly flipping us the bird (get it?).

🚨 Twitter could break as soon as tonight. According to an inside source, the internal version of the Twitter app used by employees is already slowing down. https://t.co/dIp2EODyQV

Elon Musk’s latest acquisition has robbed us of some quality WWE Twitter in the time it has gone down. Some of us are literally on the app to see these superstars tweet quality content regularly. Now that we can’t even do that properly, we feel about as happy as the general public learning that the SpaceX founder named his child after a math equation (Hey Musk, we’re kidding, so please don’t ban us from Twitter ).

As such, if this is the last we see of the tweet haven, we look at three WWE accounts we will miss if Twitter goes down.

#3 On our list of WWE accounts we will miss if Twitter goes down: Al Snow

I always have an ace up my sleeve….. oh wait that’s just a fabric softener sheet

Al Snow has one of the most hilarious Twitter accounts in the business. He’s a frequent wind-up merchant on the site, constantly making funny jokes and jabs at others’ expense. Indeed, only his name is cold because the zingers he dishes out are top-quality burns.

Snow has tweeted about many things, from posteriors to waffles. Such is the random nature of his Twitter account that it makes for an extremely entertaining stalk.

The former WWE star even welcomes ‘Your Mom’ jokes on his TL, which is about as dumb as it is funny. If Twitter ends up going down, we’ll lose a gold mine of an account.

#2 The Iron Sheik


The Iron Sheik is regarded as one of the greatest heels in professional wrestling history. On Twitter, he seems to have forgotten to turn off the Caps Lock, tweeting everything in a way that looks like he is screaming at you. A quick look at his Twitter account will have you laughing hysterically.

Sheik drops F-bombs like they are prepositions and calls everyone all sorts of names. What makes his account a riot is that his in-character tirades are not even directed at specific people 99% of the time. They are just ramblings with expletives and rage, with a couple of Hulk Hogan digs coming up once in a while.

If Elon Musk’s company denies us the WWE legend’s Twitter account, we won’t be too thrilled. Maybe he should call him out for this to be a pro wrestling feud. If that happens, we know for sure that Musk is going down to that Caps Lock anger.

#1 Kevin Owens

Many members of WWE’s current roster have a good Twitter presence. However, nobody comes close to Kevin Owens. His account is an instruction manual on how to cater to every possible user, which means the folks working for the site should hire him.

Owens’ Twitter account has everything from self-promotions to cute cat pictures and from colleague banter to fan AMAs. If you thought his past few tweets were good, scroll down further to see what he was posting when he was a heel. KO even changed his Twitter display name to ‘Kevinn’ to tick a fan off. Elite-level trolling comes naturally to him, nor does he religiously use punctuation marks.

The Prizefighter has a habit of deactivating his account when he suffers a major defeat, which adds to the hilarity of his Twitter presence. That should be the only time we lose sight of him on the site, not because of some lame technical difficulties. If his account gets binned, fans might even start petitioning the former Universal Champion to drop Elon Musk and his jabronis with Stunners.

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