3 high-profile tennis players whose lives were affected by mass shooting incidents, ft. Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff

A number of tennis players recently spoke out against gun violence in the light of the mass shooting incident that took place at an elementary school in Texas. French Open finalist Coco Gauff urged those in power to take the necessary steps and act against such violence, in a message during an on-court interview.

After the final, Gauff further highlighted the importance of the message, stating that sport is an important platform to spread key social messages.

While Gauff and a few others expressed their views and showed solidarity with those affected by the incident in the USA, a few tennis players have been directly affected by mass shooting incidents in the past.

Here’s a look at three players whose lives were affected by such incidents:

# 1 Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka at the 2022 Miami OpenAndy Murray ahead of the 2019 Davis Cup2022 French Open - Day 10

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After advancing to the French Open final, Coco Gauff shared a message calling for peace and an end to gun violence. https://t.co/eGbgF8whNL

After her 2022 French Open singles semifinal, Gauff brought up the subject in her on-court interview and wrote a message on the camera, saying “end gun violence.” The teenager wants to continue to use her ever-increasing influence to speak out against major issues.

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