2022 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Ohio State Titans and Jeremy Ruckert

The Denver Broncos seem to have a long-term need on the tight end position following Russell Wilson’s trade. Now that Noah Fenton is a member of the Seattle Seahawks Albert Okwuegbunam statistics, his third season in the playoffs will earn a significant hit. The fourth-round pick has shined in his first two years in the league, but he is also remembered for injuries to the game both years. After the Okwuegbunam the Broncos have Eric Tomlinson and Shaun Beyer. Tomlinson’s staggering 18 career passes through ten stints with ten different coaching staff, and Sean Byrne still logged a snap in the NFL after moving out of Iowa last year.

Can Jeremy Ruckert be realized as a long-term running mate for Okoyogbenam? Can he start over with her?

Player Profile

Age: August 22nd at 11th.

Height: 6’5 ”| Weight: 251 pounds | 40-time: N / A

Vertical jump: N / A | Broad jump: N / A

Print circle: 79 1/4 ”| Length: 32 3/4 ”| Hand: 10 1/8 “

Bench: 225 lbs of 22 reps.

A four-star Earth and a tough end to the second half of the 2018 Earth Cycle, Rockets quickly established themselves as a reliable role player for the Buckeyes, even though individual glory opportunities were hard to come by. He played in 12 games as a freshman and caught a pass for 13-yards. Rockets started three of 14 games in year two, in which he played and finished the year with 14 catches for 142 yards and four touchdowns. He was a honorable mention All-Big Ten conference selection in the last two years. He did not run during work at the NFL Combine and the Pro because of a foot injury.

Select two – Movie clips that combine Rocket’s current skills.

Scouting Report


  • Good athletes with strong backward agility, agility, and explosiveness
  • There are plenty of hats to wear for the Buckeyes, with Snape playing as an inline tight end, H-back, slot receiver, and a few boundary reps.
  • Throughout the game’s strength, he is able to cover the line with corner rushers and is able to work through contact in his penis.
  • He seems to be a strong tertiary root runner in the league. OSU mainly used it on crossers, arrows, seams, and hutch roads. In limited exhibits this shows the ability to separate the line at cruisers and outlets.
  • Shows the ability to find a seam and to swim past a guard to reveal the field below. The Buckeyes used him as a decoy at Minnesota vs. the Post and he opened at Penn State vs. Deep Island.
  • He displays a strong hand overall, a strong catch radius and constantly saves the ball when it hits his ground.
  • The combination of physicality and athleticism makes him a good choice for the hip and knee joints.
  • He is a lunchtime type blocker, enjoys dirty work and tries to bury an opponent if they give him a chance.
  • Overall, a good run blocker at the point of attack when he is playing inline. Edge is the physicality, the length and the footwork to close the rushers. See Delegates Against George Carlftas. In limited appearances he looks like a good lead blocker fullback / H-back. Demonstrates mental acumen for setting moving goals and the athletic ability to change course and meet them.
  • In limited visibility, he does a good job of sliding to the front of his assignment, to keep a good pass blocker out to the Blair Edge Rushers beyond the conception of the game process with anchors.


  • The senior suffered a foot injury on the bowl and was unable to run on the NFL Combine or Pro Day.
  • In the span of four games he has hit more blocks than I expected. When inline hand placement was the biggest problem on those dramas. He would occasionally touch his head on the block of the distribution zone, which would have given the defenders a chance to finish.
  • Overall, the use of his hands and feet will need to be improved so that he meets the expectations of a blocker. The hand is sometimes late or wide, which gives it a chance to finish. The legs can be very wide and once he has zeroed in on an assignment he can afford to move back and forth.
  • There were a few miss catches that stopped me, especially the short-sleeved one against Maryland. Doesn’t indicate he’s anything special after being caught. Increasing speed and lack of tackle, does not show the physicality of the ball carrier as being one of the major torque breakers in the league.

Final Thoughts

A jack of all trades, a master of any kind. Ruckert is an interesting option in this tight end class as he profiles as a development starter who is schematic versatile. He has plenty of pictures like the Y, H, and slots for the Buckeyes and should be able to iron out his technical issues as a blocker if the undrafted TE1.

While Ruckert was not a prominent weapon in the passing game because of the talent on the Buckeyes around him, he showed enough on tape that he could become a viable third base option for Russell Wilson. I believe he will be at his best in the short to center field. Ruckert’s work as a blocker bothers me a bit and should put an end to any hope that he’ll defeat Okoyeugbenam for the starting job early in his career. With that said, he has the attributes that if given the time, good blogging in the league is one of the tight ends.


Do you want the Broncos to draft Jeremy Rocket?

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