2022 Ironman National Stats, Vlogs, & Rider Quotes

Preston Kilroy | 18-13 for 13th overall

“Ironman was a step in the right direction. I got off the gate strong in both motos but had a tip over in the first moto. I went 18-13 for 13th overall. I’m feeling great on the bike lately and we’ excited to finish out the season at Pala!”

Ryder DiFrancesco | 17-14 for 14th overall

“I really wanted to put in two solid motos today, but I made it a bit hard on myself. The track was definitely different than when I ran it last year, and I ended up making some silly mistakes that cost me. I’m thankful that I was able to finish the race after having to take off last week. I’m looking forward to a good race next weekend to close out the season.”

Carson Mumford 15-37 for 20th overall

“It was a bummer weekend. I fought hard in Moto 1. I came from behind, but only made it up to 15th place.”

Matthew LeBlanc 20-17 for 21st overall

It was kind of a rough day. I just struggled a little bit on the bike – more mentally than physically. I just wasn’t comfortable all day and rode a little scared. We’ll get back at it this week to see if we can improve for Pala.”

Derek Drake | 19-37 for 24th overall

“In the first moto I had some good speed in the beginning, but I ran out of steam. The track was really tough and definitely challenging. In the second moto, I crashed with other riders in the third turn and unfortunately, couldn’t pick the pace back up.”

Dylan Schwartz | 35-20 for 25th overall

“In the first moto I had a decent start but ran into the back of someone on the first lap and went to last. I came back up to about 18th then cross-rutted on a landing and crashed pretty hard and was unable to finish. I made it out for moto two, but just didn’t feel great out there so the result wasn’t quite as good.”

Hayden Deegan 34-24 for 31st overall

“It started off well in the first moto and just tried to work through the pack a little bit, and I felt like I was riding super well. I lost my rear brake on the second lap, though, which was unfortunate, but I felt like I was flowing and could run the speed with those guys. I made a little rookie mistake trying to do a little double and went over the bars. That was it for the moto. I was a little banged up but lined up for the second moto and ended up getting taken out a little past the start. From there, I just tried to make my way back up through the pack. It was a big learning experience for me, and I know what I need to work on to get into the top 10.”

Said Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing 250 team manager Jensen Hendler:

“I feel like Ironman went well. Overall, Nate had a really good day. He continues to improve, and we’re happy to see it, as he’ll be a key player on the team next year. Justin had a rough day after qualifying first and showing speed. I just think he’s not up to 100 percent health-wise, so hopefully, another week off leading into Pala will help get him back to his winning ways. Guillem’s overall performance with us has been really good, and we were happy to have him with us.

“With Levi coming off an injury, we weren’t sure how he was going to be, and he was able to get eighth that first moto. In the second moto, his wrist was still not good enough to go racing, so he’ll likely not be with us at Pala. Matt had a very rough day. We’ll get back to work on some stuff, and hopefully, he’ll be better at Pala. For Haiden, we learned a lot this weekend. The whole point of bringing him in was to gain experience. It is good for him to learn the everyday workings of a professional class, from the schedule to racing. I think we all took away what we wanted from this first race.”


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