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2022 CWAC Boys’ Soccer All-Conference Team

Below are the all-conference teams and specialty award winners, as nominated and selected by the seven head coaches of the Central Washington Athletic Conference for the spring 2022 season. Senior forward Abdurahim Leigh of Selah High School was voted as the Offensive Player of the Year, while senior defender Cory Bailey of Ellensburg High School was chosen as the Defensive Player of the Year. First-year Grandview co-head coaches Adrian Morales and Sam Villaand the Greyhound coaching staff, were selected as the CWAC Coaching Staff of the Year, marking the third consecutive season that Grandview has claimed coach of the year honors (Anne Holden in 2019 and 2021; no season in 2020 due to COVID-19) .


OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Abdurahim Leigh, sr., Selah

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Cory Bailey, sr., Ellensburg

COACHING STAFF OF THE YEAR: Grandview (Adrian Morales & Sam Villa, co-head coaches)


(alphabetical by position)


GOALKEEPER – Samuel Gonzalez-Salas, fr., East Valley (Yakima). FORWARD – Jose Cabrera, fr., Othello; Abdurahim Leigh, sr., Selah; Jorge Perez, jr., Grandview. MIDFIELDER – Diego Lopez, sr., East Valley (Yakima); Eric Martinez, jr., Grandview; Jesse Munguia, fr., Ellensburg; Anthony Ontiveros, sr., Othello; Alejandro Ramirez, sr., Ephrata. DEFENDER – Cory Bailey, sr., Ellensburg; Ethan Fajardo, jr., Grandview; Justin Jacobo, sr., Grandview; Jacob Russell, so., East Valley (Yakima); Obed Montes, jr., Selah.


GOALKEEPER – Erick Sandoval, jr., Othello. FORWARD – Jorge Delgado, sr., Prosser; Cole Sullivan, jr., Ellensburg. MIDFIELDER – Soren Hanson, jr., East Valley (Yakima); Eli Juarez, so., East Valley (Yakima); Jose Lopez, sr., Grandview; Jose Santana-Villa, sr., Ellensburg. DEFENDER – Kevin Flores, jr., Prosser; Brandon Garza, jr., Othello; Gavin Gordon, so., East Valley (Yakima); Eric O’Neel, so., Ephrata.


GOALKEEPER – Rafael Gomez-Vilchis, jr., Ellensburg. FORWARD – Eduardo Gonzalez, so., Ephrata. MIDFIELDER – Jonathan Alfaro, sr., Othello; Jose Flores, sr., Ephrata; Miguel Hernandez, so., Grandview; Johnny Young, sr., Selah. DEFENDER – Alonzo Cruz, sr., Othello; Jonathan Rodriguez, sr., East Valley (Yakima); Hudson Sager, jr., Ephrata; Colton Shea, fr., Selah.


East Valley (Yakima) – 3 first team (S.Gonzalez-Salas, D.Lopez, J.Russell), 3 second team (G.Gordon, S.Hanson, E.Juarez), 1 honorable mention (J.Rodriguez)

Ellensburg – 2 first team (C.Bailey, J.Munguia), 2 second team (J.Santana-Villa, C.Sullivan), 1 honorable mention (R.Gomez-Vilchis)

Ephrata – 1 first team (A.Ramirez), 1 second team (E.O’Neel), 3 honorable mention (J.Flores, E.Gonzalez, H.Sager)

Grandview – 4 first team (E.Fajardo, J.Jacobo, E.Martinez, J.Perez), 1 second team (J.Lopez), 1 honorable mention (M.Hernandez)

Othello – 2 first team (J.Cabrera, A.Ontiveros), 2 second team (B.Garza, E.Sandoval), 2 honorable mention (J.Alfaro, A.Cruz)

Prosser – 2 second team (J.Delgado, K.Flores)

Selah – 2 first team (A.Leigh, O.Montes), 2 honorable mention (C.Shea, J.Young)


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