2020-23 Bronco Sport, Escape recalled again for fire risk and injuries

Ford Motor Company has issued yet another recall on 2020-23 model year Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Escape SUVs following customer reports of fires with injuries as well as under hood fires that occurred after the vehicle was turned off.

The cause: Spilled fuel or leaked vapors on the hot engine or exhaust components caused by a cracked fuel injector.

As many as 521,778 vehicles, with 1.5 litre, three-cylinder engines, are potentially affected in the US, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Specifically, 333,342 Escapes and 188,436 Bronco Sports.

More than 100,000 vehicles in Europe and South America are also affected, Ford spokeswoman Maria Buczkowski told the Free Press Thursday.

2020-23 Bronco Sport, Escape recalled again for fire risk and injuries

The Dearborn automaker has received 20 reports of under hood fires, including three that ignited nearby structures. The company also said it has four claims of fires that were noticed less than five minutes after the engines were turned off. Ford also has four injury claims not involving burns, and 43 legal claims attributed to the problem, the Associated Press reported.

Of four claimed injuries reported to Ford for two separate instances, two were reportedly related to getting out of the vehicle and two were claimed due to stress, Buczkowski told the Free Press.

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