15 Possible Landing Spots for Notable NFL Free Agents: From Tyrone Mathews to Steelers, Cardinals from Jarvis Landry

The 2022 NFL season already delivers much faster than the headlines. But there are still a dozen notable names in free agency. Many of them can still be on the market after the draft, and some may still cash in with big money deals as early as 2022, but almost all of them offer enough experience in the coming months. To guarantee some kind of look.

With that in mind, here’s a look at where the top 15 free throw agents can be:

The market for “Honey Badger” has been unusually sluggish, which only gives Pittsburgh a better option, considering the reduction of more expensive bills. The Steelers are still relying on their defense to win, and they will be one of the league’s most defensive backs ahead of Madonna Manica Fitzpatrick.

The OBJ would love to stick with the Rams, but they’ve already paid to replace Alan Robinson to secure his replacement. If you’re new, why not stay in LA when compared to any other title? Imagine Justin Herbert Beckham moving forward to join Ken Allen and Mike Williams.

Buffalo could use a starting corner in front of Tre’Davious White with Levi Wallace, and Gilmore has been there, done in the city. Calling it a re-unification win, Gilmour got another shot at defending a mounting title on the title.

Yes, he is aging and clearly in the lurch for a short term on the left, but this is what Indianapolis needs Matt Ryan to do after his recent quick fix at quarterback. Call it the Eric Fisher solution, except for a high floor and ceiling.

The two parties will benefit from sitting together. Clowney will finally work in front of Miles Garrett in 2021 as his skiing numbers are jumping, and the Browns are clearly in the business of winning sooner rather than later after their busy season.

Another homecoming! Campbell, 35, has been up there, but as long as Arizona is playing older or injury-prone starters (see: James Conner, Zach Ertz), why not? With Chandler Jones, he can make good strides along the way of JG to keep the D-Line strong.

After coming out on a potential reunion with Za’Darius Smith, Baltimore is still in search of some pass-rushing help for the game’s defense. Ingram, meanwhile, will not necessarily break the bank on a short-term deal.

Tennessee had a good landing spot before the Titans added Austin Hopper. But let’s be real: this is the right pair for both sides. Tom Brady would never say Grook. And Grant should never say Brady.

With the rise of Christian Kirk and AJ Greene not yet signed, Arizona is suddenly in need of some proven depth with DeAndre Hopkins. Landry has a lot of meaning throughout the world as a target machine / safety valve for Cllr Mori.

Minnesota is switching to a 3-4 defense under new coordinator Ed Dontille, who coached the Hawks in Chicago, and while Dalton Tomlinson should fix the nose tackle, the X has to play inside and at the corner. Have the ability.

After dealing with Amy Cooper and allowing Kedrick Wilson Jr. to run, Dallas expects more from CD Lamb and Michael Gallop, which is fine. But Jones has a big name that will appeal to Jerry Jones, and he will still be the red zone weapon for Doc Prescott.

Remember when they both hit almost a for-profit free agent deal before he settled back in Minnesota? Well, with the Vikings joining LB this year, he could eventually move to New York and add experience / stability to Robert Saleh’s unit.

Yes, you can find running backs everywhere, but both Coach Nick Serrani and offensive coordinator Shane Stachan have a history with Gordon. More importantly, they are likely to run in the run-longer way with QB gels. Gordon could step into a one-year deal as a more talented version of Jordan Howard, who distributes cars with Mel Sanders.

With Hansen Radic taken, they could use another proven pass racer opposite Brian Burns. Hughes is a good fit these days as a rotation reserve, but he will still be a smart investment for any defense.

Born and raised in Maryland, Lower can be a plug and play starter for Washington, where William Jackson III struggled in 2021 and Kendall Fuller is arguably the best used in the slot. Ron Rivera praises his experience on the Steelers “D”.

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