10 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Have Appeared In A Movie

Whereas WWE superstars are technically “independent contractors”, it is actually quite difficult for them to do anything outside the confines of WWE. However, with WWE having a history of making their own movies, and with certain prominent stars having some leeway, there are some names on the roster who have appeared in at least one movie.

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Some of these movies have been huge box office blockbusters, some have been absolutely terrible films. When it comes to the WWE, character work and acting is a big part of what turns a wrestler into a star, so it is no surprise to see continued crossover between the two art forms.


10 Bobby Lashley

Following Bobby Lashley’s first stint in WWE, he tried his hand in several fields, with acting being one of them. While his charisma wasn’t overly impressive, his size and look were, which landed him roles in a few movies.

He landed roles in Beatdown and Blood Out, with him appearing in several extended fight scenes in the latter, and his WWE career no doubt helped him out in that aspect. However, after just a few movies, Lashley returned to the professional wrestling and mixed martial arts scene.

9 Randy Orton

With Randy Orton being one of the most recognizable names in WWE over the last two decades, it is of no surprise that he was picked to be the lead actor in a few WWE Studios movies, most notably 12 Rounds 2.

In more recent years, Orton has found himself in a few comedy movies like this Long Shot and Changelandwith his most recent work seeing him voice a character in the animated Paws of Fury movie.

8 Sheamus

Sheamus has had a few understated roles in movies, appearing in comedies, horror movies, and himself in a few cameo appearances on numerous occasions too. His most notable role came in the 2016 movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

This was quite a random role for the former WWE Champion, but he played his character of Rocksteady well.

7 Becky Lynch

Following Becky Lynch’s surge in popularity throughout 2018, she found herself co-starring in the sixth and final film in The Marine series, nor did she appear alongside The Miz and Shawn Michaels in The Marine 6: Close Quarters.

Much like most of the films in this series, it was fine but nothing special, and it marks Lynch’s one and only appearance acting in a live action movie. However, with her star power constantly on the rise, and with her being one of the best at promos in the company, there is certainly a place for her in Hollywood if she wants it, with her sounding and looking like an icon.

6 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is a rare example of someone under the WWE banner getting a lot of freedom, with Ziggler exploring other mediums such as stand-up comedy. He has also tried his hand in acting, with him starring in the WWE produced film, Countdown.

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The film itself wasn’t anything special, much like many other movies from WWE Studios. Outside of this, Ziggler has also appeared in Buddy Hutchins and Speed ​​of Time, but these haven’t seen him receive regular acting work. Ziggler could well have a career in Hollywood after his WWE stint comes to a close though.

5 Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins hasn’t appeared in a lot of movies, with him debuting in a time when WWE Studios weren’t producing as many movies, although he did co-star in Armed Response.

Rollins also has one of the most random and weird movie cameos, with him having a tiny role in it Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, which marked his debut film appearance. It was truly a strange sight to see him in the movie, especially since he had very little screen time.

4 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the number one star in WWE right now, and despite him being the longest reigning Universal Champion of all-time, he has transitioned to a part-time status. It looks as though he may have one foot out the door already, and a spot in Hollywood has been rumored.

He has already appeared in a major movie, even he acted alongside The Rock in Hobbs & Shaw. He looked right at home under the bright lights of Hollywood, so a future in acting could well be a reality sooner rather than later.

3 Ronda Rousey

Following Ronda Rousey’s rise to prominence as a huge box office draw in the UFC, her fame landed her several roles in Hollywood, with the first coming in The Expendables 3and the second being in Furious 7which were two major movies to debut in, even if her roles weren’t huge.

She also had small roles in both Mile 22 and Charlie’s Angelsalthough she hasn’t featured in a movie for a few years now.

2 Edge

After being forced into retirement back in 2011, Edge found himself looking for a new field to master, with him finding himself in the world of acting. While Edge is more notable for appearing in TV shows such as Vikingshe has also appeared in movies.

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These haven’t been huge blockbusters, but rather lower budget buddy cop films like this Bending the Ruleswhile also appearing alongside Lana in Interrogation.

1 The Miz

When it comes to crossover media, The Miz is one of the most notable WWE names. He came into the WWE as a reality TV star and has continued to appear in several reality shows. He would also become the lead star of The Marine series.

The Miz played Jake Carter in three tamarind movies, all produced by WWE, taking up the mantle from former lead star, John Cena. In addition to this series, he also appeared in other WWE Studios movies such as Christmas Bounty and Santa’s Little Helper.

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